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Artificial Intelligence

  • AI + Satellite images  track Floods, Agriculture,  Illegal Settlement, Infrastructure construction, Deforestation

  • Blockchain Solutions ​

  • Text Analysis

  • Information Extraction

  • Security

  • Forecasting

Business Intelligence

Niche Solution for Multinationals that sale through channels in the consumer space

  • Know what is happening in the Point Of Sales, real-time

  • Turn Sales Out, Sales In, Inventory and POS information into actionable KPIs

  • We configure the dashboards and alerts tailored to your business



  • Create your own team of influencers

  • Interact credibly with your target audience

  • Leverage crowdsorce creativity to feed your social media

Relationship and training APP for your sales-force and ressellers 

  • Train, Advertise, Motivate and Connect 

Internet of Things

Software based solution

  • Connect +400 different sensors and actuators

  • Visual IoT ensure fast deployment 

  • Smart City

  • Smart Home

  • Hotels

  • Cattle raising

  • Oil refineries

  • Industrilal

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